Animal Farm Ventures Into The Android Platform

Launching a game on a mobile platform always ensures the game to reach out to a wider range of people. National Geographic’s were well aware of the value mobile apps hold in today’s generation. They recently launched Animal Jam the gaming app for Android mobile users. This application is available all across the playstore for all Android users. On searching for the game, you will notice that it is marked as free, meaning you will not be charged with choosing to download the game and play it on your phone.

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Expansion into androids

Presently almost everyone owns a smartphone. It has become a necessity more than a luxury due to almost everything being dependent on applications.

  • The launch of the game to an app version is to keep the game within you reach all the time. You also have an offline option to go about with the game, meaning you do not need an internet connection all the time.
  • The game has an option for the social media connection. This will allow all your progress to be linked to other social interaction factors.
  • The multiplayer option has been enhanced. You can now add people to your friend list by sending links to them for the application.

The improved features

Since smartphones are smaller in size than personal computers. The developers have taken special notice of the graphics. This is to ensure that the difference in the size does not hamper the experience for the users.

  • It is a high definition game. Exceptional graphics and animations have been introduced to make the gaming experience a high-end one for you.
  • The game is preset. On starting the game, you can always change the settings as per your requirement.
  • There is a notification panel included. This is done inform you about any new addition or changes the game might have undergone.

Set your own game

You can make the necessary changes to your characters as and when you want. These changes can be implemented not just on your characters but also on the environment of the game

  • You can set up animals according to your demands. No setting is final; you can keep changing the appearance of your characters to enhance your creativity.
  • This not only applicable to the characters. You can make changes to the furnishing of the houses to the houses in the game itself.
  • You need game cash to make these changes. To make more game cash or animal jam codes, you need to cross more adventure levels to boost your game income.

Know your game

Animal Jam is the virtual twist off from its national geographic magazines for children. The application spins around comprehension the fauna and vegetation on the planet where they are quick vanishing. The game has high educative worth where you can learn new realities about wild animals. It isn’t right to say that this perspective just obliges kids. There are different galleries and notices accumulated that you can check to gather more information. The game, the original, as well as the app version, has had a huge role in helping people understand the importance of wildlife and how to help it improve.

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